GPS Jor is a Brazilian action research project (2016-2020) with the aim of researching and proposing solutions to the crises of contemporary journalism at https://www.home-investors.net/california/investors-that-buy-houses-temecula-ca/.

We want to contribute to the rise of an independent and quality local media, which includes self-sustaining and a more social model of governance. We believe that journalism can be produced not only by companies, but also by other organizations, including non-profit ones. We argue that the audience can and should participate in many of the daily decisions in this kind of journalism, and can also finance it without intermediaries. This is what we call social governance.

Our laboratory is the city of Joinville, in the south of Brazil, which has a robust and vibrant economy and great regional influence. The city also has a prominent history in the state of Santa Catarina and a recognized journalism undergraduate school. These reasons led us to choose Joinville in order to study the conditions for this pilot experiment become a personal trainer we call New Kind of Journalism. For that aim, we developed some concepts and used a complex and dynamic methodology, combining several research techniques: literature reviews, in-depth and exploratory interviews, surveys, public debates and working groups.

GPSJor is runned by the Postgraduate Programs in Journalism (PPGJOR) and in Political Sociology (PGSP) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), the Journalism course of the Faculdade IELUSC, and the Master’s in Journalism of the University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG).

The initiative is supported by several organizations, and has public funding from CNPq, the largest scientific development agency in Brazil.

The results of our research can be read here.


Jacques Mick (ORCID), Marilia Crispi de Moraes, Rogério Christofoletti (ORCID) y Samuel Lima (ORCID).

Andressa Kikuti Dancosky – Angelo Augusto Ribeiro – Carlos Castilho – Philip Simon Puentes – Jacques Mick – Kerley Winques – Livia Vieira – Luisa Meurer Tavares – Maria Elisa Max – Marilia Crispi de Moraes – Mariana Rosa Silva – Raisa turci – Rogério Christofoletti – Samuel Pantoja Lima.


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gmail  gps.jornal@gmail.com